on the verizon.


direct dials down.
but seriously, who cares?
dot com eats ‘em all.

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make fonts, not war.

Typography by Richard Perez. Skinny Ships
Yesterday, the WordPress theme dudes did some “minor” tweaking to the CSS of Vigilance by The Theme Foundry, a free theme that precisely a bajillion WordPress bloggers use (including myself).  Unfortunately, one of the tweaks included adding a 1px grey border to all our photos which, for those of us who blog like we’re an overzealous nerdaurus and post photos based on the assumption that our blog is 600px wide, janked the crap out of the one blessed thing that keeps us from just ending it all after fielding one too many so what do you really want to do’s from losers and strangers after copping to our less than stellar day jobs.  While I felt pretty bad for Lance, a theme dude who got caught in Bitchfest 3000 that instantly erupted in the forums following the changes, I also wanted to sucker punch someone (anyone!) for making me lose my blog boner for over 2 hours.
But by the late afternoon (ie after Lance and his team had enough of our blogging gang bang), they kindly removed the border and my very public love affair with the internet was back on. Winz for everyone!

anthony bourdain is totally my [lino]type.

As if Anthony Bourdain could get any hotter, he has to go and print this on the very last page of Kitchen Confidential:.


The text of this book is set in Linotype Sabon, named after the type founder, Jacques Sabon.  It was designed by Jan Tschichold and jointly developed by Linotype, Monotype and Stempel, in response to a need for a typeface to be available in identical form for mechanical hot metal composition and hand composition using foundry type.

Tschichold based his design for Sabon roman on a fount engraved by Garamond, and Sabon italic on a fount by Granjon.  It was first used in 1966 and has proven an enduring modern classic.

Holy shit, Bourdain.
Sex, drugs, alcohol, food, and fonts?
Do me.  Okay, thanks.

me gusta.

Salt&Syrup. www, The Internet


These cards are made by Salt&Syrup, a quiet and quaint Scandinavian design firm that caught my attention today while I was doing some casual web wandering.  What can I say?  I’m a total sucker for whimsical animals and lowercase fonts.  Also, thanks to a certain Dan Dobies, I can’t stop listening to “The Modern Leper” by Frightened Rabbit.  Good thing we’re both subscribers to the “songs we love live on repeat” movement.  Very.  Good.  Thing.