tee time.

i went ahead and added a mystery tee to my first ever cotton bureau purchase because … what’s the saying? live a little? treat yourself? nothing tastes as good as a soft tee feels? trust your life? gotta get up to get down? to the windows? to the walls? till the sweat drips down my tbd cotton bureau mystery tee? … aaaaanyway, i really really really hope i get hayley’s damn tee or nicole’s archer tee or tania’s prove them wrong tee.

any of those,
amongst other things,
would be niiiiice.


the greatest thing about manhattan
is the worst thing about manhattan:

here you will be free
to stretch yourself to your limit,
to find the beach that is yours alone.

but sooner or later
you will be sitting on that beach
wondering what comes next.

zadie smith

dug through my feedly today and was kindly awarded with some slow, magical good vibes from the above two pics and a nice midday zing! from bobby mckenna’s awards page. all in all, a monday well spent in my corner of the internet.


i just found olivia huynh’s dog envy via my new favorite blog and am now overjoyed there is another human out there who just, like, totally gets what life is like for a dog person (the struggle is so real, guys). ohai olivia! funny story … i TOO want all the dogs. would you like to become friends slash heroes sometime soon?


basic b’s.

friend: i’m having some feelings about this. full disclosure my friend wrote it. i think it’s smart and sassy, but i’m still having trouble assigning a value judgment on basic.
me: pls hold while i read this.
friend: kk.
me: i already have my defenses up.
friend: i’m just not sure how i feel about the idea that i might have basic tendencies.
me: according to this article, i am the carrie b of basic b’s. a lil bit of all these except maybe the ues one which i’m pretty sure means i am none of them which also means the idea of having basic tendencies is bunk to me. i have routines and interests, but i don’t have tendencies. just because i like soulcycle and hot yoga doesn’t mean i can’t quote mcluhan and read code.
friend: truth. i can quote mcclanahan, if not mcluhan.

blues run the game.

steven alan blues

yo yo yo.

found out from alyson a few days ago
that steven alan is hosting a rather delightful
win your wishlist contest through wed 10.2.

basically, all you have to do is …

1. login or create a steven alan account here.
2. add items to your wishlist totaling $1000 or more.
3. submit your entry before wed 10.2 @ 11:59pm est.

the end.

ps – entering was one of the more enjoyable things i have done on the internet this week.

stovetop 250.


things i emailed my family today:
what did you guys do this weekend?
what does saute mean?
where do i buy chicken fat?
then i scolded my mom
for not replying all.
dee end.

couleurs de l’ombre.


“when i visited his studio in tokyo, hiroshi sugimoto showed me his project colours of shadow. i remember it very clearly: at the centre of a large, light-filled room, rising like a column from floor to ceiling, there stood a crystal prism of immaculate clarity. this was an experimental device whereby, every morning, the sunlight passing through the prism would create a world of colours, projected like shadows on the white walls of the studio. a chromatic epiphany in polaroid that the artist suggested we could capture on our silk scarf. out of this came 20 subtle variations, all different, printed in giant format.”

pierre-alexis dumas

psthis image of hermès dressing hiroshi is oh so adorable.
ppsafterzine’s oh so incredible editor’s diary found it all first.