slightly frightening winner.

Comment # 8
Jenny: ..Definitely the fox mirror – love it!!! (N.B. this is a non-gratuitous use of multiple exclamation points)


Also, that giant thank you is meant for those of you who courageously entered my first ever ilikeyoulikeyou giveaway, Nicola “Waaay Too Cool For School” Rowlands who made it all and made it all possible, and really anyone who happens to be reading this right now.  Seriously, all y’all been:
makin’ life
more awesome
since 2009.
PS – Jenny, please contact amyruthmarsh at gmail dot com to claim your Nicola Rowlands Monsters Mirror.

at least we didn’t go to hollister.

Pretty Things. Roxy
Normally, the only time I agree to meet up with the euro-strangers crawling on Broadway between Spring and Broome is when Bloomingdales is having their game changing 50% off all the merchandise that’s already on sale sale so I can stock up on fancy work shoes and perfume with little to no remorse.  Last Friday, however, I somehow found myself over there amidst a slo-pack of lumpy out of towners without a single bloomingsale in sight.  The reason?  My friend is super short and wanted to buy some kids jeans at Roxy.
Roxy. ..Really? ..Really.
But my sour patch sad face lasted only a few moments, because their designs are actually super adorable and affordable. Some might even say they’re addorffable. What?  Some might!  Anyway, the photos above are just a few of my current favs, so I highly suggest you take a moment to click it out on the Roxy website and turn your frowny judgmental face upside down.

so sentimental not sentimental no!

photo credits: here & here

Yesterday, I had the supreme pleasure of discovering the ridiculously awesome cover of Phoenix’s “Lisztomania” by the PS22 5th grade chorus.  While I realize I’m super late to the Little Staten Island Public School Chorus That Could internet party, their video still managed to give me major chills and permanently ruin my makeup for the rest of the day.  Damn you, PS22.  Damn you and your can-do attitudes, little-me hoodies, and delicate choral arrangements!  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find some weakness tissues so I can pass more eye water.

{scowls}  Kids.

send a cap’n crunch gift basket, stat.

Sometime last summer I started becoming a bit of a nyc food scene nerdasaur and now I spend the majority of my down time lusting after Ruth Reichl’s post Gourmet life and/or daydreaming about having my way with Anthony Bourdain.   If I didn’t think twitter was oddly too old and too young for my internet tastes, I would definitely follow @ruthbourdain, “a twitter account that combines the haiku-like ridiculousness of Ruth Reichl’s tweets with the pessimism and bad jokes of Tony Bourdain” (Eater NY).
Me and the cat are sky high?

yes sir, that’s my baby.

The Firehouse Five + Two. Good Time Jazz

Everything I eat/drink tastes salty and metallic.
The internet said, “must be a bad reaction to chemo.”
Then two fire trucks pulled up outside my building.
The firemen said, “there’s been a reported gas leak.”
Clearly, the highest reading came from my apt.
So you say chemo, I say CO.
Let’s call the whole thing off.
PS – check out my co-worker’s awesome edits to St. Patrick’s patronage.

happy day before presidents day.

Topher Grace + Elephants. Flaunt Magazine

Even though Topher Grace is the only swoon worthy dude in Valentine’s Day worth my hard earned $12.50, I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending this Sunday in the AMC Loews Village 7 watching it along with all the other single ladies [all the other single ladies] of the East Village.  And, yes, on a scale of 1 to sadcliché.com, this probably deserves an 8.

I’m single.
I do what I want.

rhymes with ho.

Good Times. New York, NY

I never went to my senior prom.  I think I was too busy making just above minimum wage in the children’s literature department of an unnamed giant corporate bookstore or taking an obscene amount of time to choose a movie at Hollywood Video or road tripping through Midwestern suburbia to visit random cooljews.  Either way, I don’t really feel like I made THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE, but I have met several individuals long since I peaced the hell out of John Adams who have felt otherwise. G.OE.A.G.L.E.S..!
I’m inclined to think, however, that tonight’s culinary adventure might appease these winners (ie people who peaked in high school) because much like senior prom it will also include:
1. ..faux-comradery with people I will never see again
2. ..disappointment due to massive over-hype
3. ..the near impossibility of ever happening again
4. ..non-stop complaining about the cost
5. ..waking up day of with at least 1 unmanageable pimple
Well, this morning I woke up with 5, so don’t be too jealous that tonight I’m going

stars, they’re just like us.

Thank goodness my roommate and I are both local NYC celebrities.  Living with a not so famous nobody would just be not so awesome.  And now you’ll have to excuse me as our butler, driver, and PR rep keep blowin’ up my phones, phones.

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suck it, brooklyn.

A Friendly Neighbor. New York, NY

This past August, when I first began the most dangerous apartment search, I was adamant about moving to Brooklyn.  Why?
Brooklyn is cheap, they said.
Brooklyn is spacious, they said.
Brooklyn is fantastic, they said.
In fact, they said so many soft and sweet and sound things about the borough that before I knew it I was swooning, hard.  And then I spent almost the entire month of August bleary-eyed craigslisting and taking more than a lifetime’s worth of stale, sweaty rides on the Q train from Times Square to Prospect Heights, Clinton Hill, and Park Slope only to find out that Brooklyn was kind of an asshole.  And a liar.
Cheap in Prospect Heights meant living east of Franklin.
Spacious in Clinton Hill meant suffering on the C train.
Fantastic in Park Slope meant being seriously up-charged for a semi-illegal sublet.
Come on.  Don’t lie to me and tell me you don’t really know how much the total rent of your 3-bedroom apartment is because you can’t come up with 2 other equally over-charged albeit fake rents and then add them all up in your head fast enough to make me believe you are at least going to pretend to be a fair and balanced sublessor.  I may be a wide-eyed post-college baby from Middle America, but I’m not an idiot.  This, combined with the fact that not even one neighborhood or block or apartment I saw felt remotely like my new home, is why on August 28, 2009 I stopped taking any more of Brooklyn’s bullshit and did the unthinkable:  I changed my search to craigslist Manhattan.  And you know what?  Now I live here.
Suck it, Brooklyn.
You were a bitch.

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tonight, we hanukkah in harlem.

My Hanukkah List. December, 2009
When I was a kid, my favorite holiday tradition was drafting an official Hanukkah List.  It was always inappropriately long and was mostly made up of all the CDs and gift cards I was just dying to have.  Really, Amy?  You want another copy of the original cast recording of RENT and a gift card to Claire’s?  Again?  But you only buy key chains and gel pens. Ooooh how I loved those gel pens.  Soo inky!  Soo pretty!  Soo . . . well, to be totally honest, useless since all they really did was leave messy, glittery, unintelligible streaks all over the place.
In any event, I can’t really remember the last time I sat down and actually celebrated Hanukkah so the fact that I’m hiking up to Harlem tonight with store bought latkes and applesauce to spend the first night of this long forgotten holiday with my cousin Natasha has caused me to wax all nostalgic and draft a more useful, grown-up, and ladylike Hanukkah List.
Happy Holidays, Internet!

not like.

highline 045
The Highline. New York, NY

. . . LOVE . . .

when Fridays feel like Fridays

lady laa di baba.

catherine baba
Catherine Baba. Someplace, Fabulous

Today I found a whole new reason to love the internet and it’s called the video library.  I rarely check the nytimes homepage until well after lunch, but this morning I was in a mix it up kind of mood and after only a few minutes on the site I already knew where and when the next world series game was going down and was happily watching a video feature on how to get hard cash for my family’s gold heirlooms in the diamond district. OOOhhh soo tempting.
But then I realized the web layout I was navigating was really foreign to me.  I mean, I knew I was on the nytimes website, but there were all these videos!  Tons and tons and tons of videos about soooo many different things.  And this place, this glorious video library place, was all kinds of dark and mysterious and recommending things I actually wanted to watch and learn about!  Like the Urban Eye feature on CMJ!  And that random snow day last year!  And, oh my goodness, what’s this?  Would I like to go backstage at the Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 show?
No no, I would not like to go.I’d LOVE to go.
Now, follow me, because I want to introduce you to the FABULOUS Catherine Baba.  She’s a stylist who attended Marc’s show and says things like, “Darling” and “Laa-Di-Daa” and “I feeeeeeeeel DIVINE,” and I would like to be her very much.
Pleeeeeeased to meeeeeet you, darling.

delicious and organized!

happy halloween
I Heart Sorting. Love, Me

Post trick-or-treat candy sorting is the reason I am the fun-loving [albeit mildly OCD] person you see today.  Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

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this ain’t got shit to do wit shampoo.

yo mtv raps
Yo MTV Raps. Music, TV

Frankly, there’s nothing more satisfying than a work computer virus scan before 9am.  You know, because now I can update my blog and dick around on the internet . . . FASTER!  Also, in case you’re just tuning in, tomorrow is the Big Move and officially marks the end of the Most Dangerous Apartment Search.  And despite the stress and anxiety and overwhelming feeling that there’s going to be even more hurdles to clear, I do believe some hip hop hurray’s are definitely in order:
To a purging of all the shit I don’t need anymore!
To a plethora of everything must go deals on craigslist!
To a bedroom aesthetic that doesn’t resemble a funhouse!
To a 7 foot reach-in closet, big windows, and a fire escape all to myself!
To a clean, comfortable, and creative East Village apartment to call home!
Hip hop hurray, indeed.

in a perfect world.

Living Single

My favorite co-workers and I decided if the office was Living Single, the cast would be as follows:
Maxine / AJ (the sharp-tongued attorney)
Khadijah / Alison (the hard-working editor of Flavor, an independent urban magazine)
Regine / Angela (the unabashed fashionista in search of a well-to-do man)
Synclaire / Me (Khadijah’s sweet but naïve cousin)

1000+ smash hits.

To Cool.  Cakewrecks, The Internet.
To Cool. Cakewrecks, The Internet.


Today, ilikeyoulikeyou welcomed its 1000th smash hit.  In order to celebrate properly I think I shall take a week-long vacation to my favorite spa/cult in the whole wide world . . . tomorrow!

Peace out, girl scouts.

but i’m not the only one.

oh shit
The Dreamers. Metro; July 22, 2009

Oh man.
That’s me.
In the Metro.

To be fair, I wasn’t dreaming when the reporter snapped my photo – I was in the middle of reading Kitchen Confidential.  Clearly, I’m more famous than my chef/author/tv host husband Anthony Bourdain, but we usually deal with the underbelly of famous couple syndrome like real champs.