send a cap’n crunch gift basket, stat.

Sometime last summer I started becoming a bit of a nyc food scene nerdasaur and now I spend the majority of my down time lusting after Ruth Reichl’s post Gourmet life and/or daydreaming about having my way with Anthony Bourdain.   If I didn’t think twitter was oddly too old and too young for my internet tastes, I would definitely follow @ruthbourdain, “a twitter account that combines the haiku-like ridiculousness of Ruth Reichl’s tweets with the pessimism and bad jokes of Tony Bourdain” (Eater NY).
Me and the cat are sky high?

kimball calls this a man in the moon.

Breakfast. My Old House, Indiana

If I ever open a restaurant, “man in the moon” aka “egg in a basket” aka “rocky mountain toast” aka “I don’t care what your family calls it because it’s gonna be delicious under any name” will be on our breakfast menu from day one and a huge reason we’re able to fast-track it to warm, friendly, neighborhood joint in no time.   We’ll also offer a special called “apt 4s” that includes coffee, half a baguette, butter, and bonne maman jam for $3.50 and my hard-working/rag-tag/hyper-hilarious staff will be the reason I’m 100% genuine when I say I love what I do.
I love what I do.

weiners and role models.

Weiner Dog.  Luckyduct, Etsy
Weiner Dog. Luckyduct, Etsy


Yesterday, ilikeyoulikeyou received it’s very first email!  Aww. . .

Actually, it came from my friend Rachel Pfeffer who I was beyond lucky to have lived with during my junior year of college.  Back then, she was a fantastically gifted artist whose pieces and installations left our campus giddy and glowing.   As it turns out, not one bit of that has changed and she’s still leaving trails awesome everywhere she goes.  One visit to her Etsy shop luckyduct or her blog cut paste repeat, and an 8 hour staring contest with my work computer is suddenly turned into a coolkid adventure on the wild and crazy internet.  Uhhhmazing!

Clearly, Rachel has zero fear of pursuing any and all things that excite her (true story: she opened up her own ice cream store during the summer between her freshman and sophomore year of college) and she is still my don’tworry+lovelife+justmakeart role model.  Maybe she would want to help me brainstorm business plans for Penny’s (aka my latest and greatest totally insane pipe dream).  Hmmm . . .

but i’m not the only one.

oh shit
The Dreamers. Metro; July 22, 2009

Oh man.
That’s me.
In the Metro.

To be fair, I wasn’t dreaming when the reporter snapped my photo – I was in the middle of reading Kitchen Confidential.  Clearly, I’m more famous than my chef/author/tv host husband Anthony Bourdain, but we usually deal with the underbelly of famous couple syndrome like real champs.

the high line is my drug of choice.

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The High Line. New York, NY

Sometimes I hear people complaining about The High Line’s megaoverhypedom and ridiculous besidesthepointness, but I really couldn’t disagree with that opinion more.  For me,  The High Line is unbelievably powerful and makes possibilities for growth and change feel nothing short of infinite.  All I want to do everytime I visit that gorgeous stretch of communal post industrial urban outdoor space is live a better life.  Maybe even be a better human being.  I really wish I was kidding, because I sound like a blubbering liberal lunatic.  But I’m not . . . kidding.


Not Dreaming.  New York, NY
Definitely Not Dreaming. New York, NY


I didn’t come to New York to follow my dreams.  Neither did Patrick.  Umm shit.

today’s forecast = brainstorming.

ice cream collage
My Ice Cream Store. New York, NY


If I build it, they will come [for the black raspberry chip ice cream, chalkboard menus, hand-painted storefront window, bright eyed babies, superb store dog, soda in glass bottles, mason jars, vintage tile flooring, and suggestion box].