“i’m with some friends
riding the no. 1 down from van cortlandt park
when this guy sits across
with this cute mutt in his lap.
so of course the group starts cooing
and making goo-goo eyes,
pumping the guy for details.
‘it’s a jack russell-chihuahua.’
‘his name is peanut.’
making best friends for life, etc.
this goes on till 42nd street,
when the train stops.
the doors open and the guy jumps up,
goes to the doors and straight-arms the dog
through to someone on the platform.
there’s a pause
(we all look at each other).
then a voice barks out: ‘LEASH?’
the guy fumbles,
pulls one out of his pocket
and hands it over
just before the doors close.
so now we’re looking at the guy.
and he explains that
the person on the platform is his ex,
who has custody for the week.
the handoff was part of the separation agreement.
we nod sympathetically.”

ny times 10.01.12

oh, that wild idea.


have you heard of this wild idea?
in case you haven’t, here’s the deal:
there’s this guy, theron humphrey,
and he’s spending a whole year
criss crossing the united states
with only one goal in mind →
to meet 1 new person everyday.
and while i think that’s fine
(albeit a bit been there, blogged that),
i’m a total fucking sucker
for his “super serious project
about dogs and physics”
where he just photoblogs
his dog maddie on things.
ps – mr. humphrey’s hounds, anyone?  can you say coonhound in a children’s book?

the last 5 years.


5 year diary
tamara shopsin

5 great things that happened last night:

1...went to an iconic steakhouse with the unsinkable molly jane.
2...hung out backstage during the live taping of this annual event.
3...laughed the loudest when they announced best in show.
4...got likened to this actress by some serious bollywooders.
5...discovered tamara’s 5 year diary (a must for any listmaker).

cat napped.


i mostly slam cats,
but this one seems different.
a dog in disguise . . . ?

weiners and role models.

Weiner Dog.  Luckyduct, Etsy
Weiner Dog. Luckyduct, Etsy


Yesterday, ilikeyoulikeyou received it’s very first email!  Aww. . .

Actually, it came from my friend Rachel Pfeffer who I was beyond lucky to have lived with during my junior year of college.  Back then, she was a fantastically gifted artist whose pieces and installations left our campus giddy and glowing.   As it turns out, not one bit of that has changed and she’s still leaving trails awesome everywhere she goes.  One visit to her Etsy shop luckyduct or her blog cut paste repeat, and an 8 hour staring contest with my work computer is suddenly turned into a coolkid adventure on the wild and crazy internet.  Uhhhmazing!

Clearly, Rachel has zero fear of pursuing any and all things that excite her (true story: she opened up her own ice cream store during the summer between her freshman and sophomore year of college) and she is still my don’tworry+lovelife+justmakeart role model.  Maybe she would want to help me brainstorm business plans for Penny’s (aka my latest and greatest totally insane pipe dream).  Hmmm . . .

current crushes.


Dear Harvey, Luther, & Rosalie,

I think you would really love New York in the summertime.
Madison Square Park is right across from my office.
It’s a really awesome hangout for you and your compadres.
Also, the Shake Shack has an ice cream treat just for dogs!

Fondly yours,

today’s forecast = brainstorming.

ice cream collage
My Ice Cream Store. New York, NY


If I build it, they will come [for the black raspberry chip ice cream, chalkboard menus, hand-painted storefront window, bright eyed babies, superb store dog, soda in glass bottles, mason jars, vintage tile flooring, and suggestion box].

current crushes.


Dear Brandi, Herbie, and Molly,

Please run away with me.
You can live in my [no dogs allowed] apartment in New York City.
You will eat like kings and life will be GRAND!


PS – All of these dogs live at the Pet Refuge, a no-kill animal shelter in my hometown in Indiana.  Their website features pictures [and bios] of every dog available for adoption and I have little to no self control when it comes to falling hard for each of them.  Again, for the bizillionth time:

I.   LOVE.   DOGS.

my perfect weekend.

Bloomies.  Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Saturday, April 19. Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Saturday, April 18 was one of the reasons I moved to New York.  The city was gorgeous, sunny, exciting, without any limitation whatsoever, and practically begged us all to have a damn good time.  I somehow found myself hopping from Hudson River bike riding to Central Park sunbathing to Brooklyn flea marketing to Fort Greene lounging all before sunset (hopefully making Time Out NY more than proud).  Also, I have a pretty good feeling that if a randomly sunny spring day can prove to be this successful, summer is gonna blow my mind.


uh huh.  ooooooh yea.  one more time.  nyc byob style.

unruly tweens.

the 7
The 7. New York, NY


I love riding the subway.  love.  love .  love.  So many exciting things happen while riding the subway.  Like losing my balance!  and staring at strangers!  and listening to disembodied voices reminding me that unwanted touching in the subway is sexual harassment and should be reported!  My usual train of choice during the workweek is the R/W from Times Square-42nd Street (Hell’s Kitchen hates to admit that it’s subway stop is Times Square-42nd Street, but it is and we all just gotta deal with it) to 23rd Street.

Today, however, started off spontaneously (last night I forgot to turn on my fast clock alarm) forcing me to make some serious last minute morning decisions (do I have enough time for my friday swim? no? something else then? what? it’s raining? straight hair? no? aggghhhh think faster!).  This rapid-fire whoosy whats-its switcheroo to my constant, unchanging, totally awesome morning routine resulted in me not only bringing a caravan of curly hair products, a blow dryer, and a diffuser to the gym, but also deciding to revert back to my super old school subway route (the 7 to Grand Central followed by the 6 to 28th St) since last leg of the trip dumps me right in the basement of my office building.  (more like awesome building).  oooohhhh zing!

Anyways, I only stopped taking this route after I realized if I took the R/W to 23rd Street I wouldn’t have to transfer and I would get to walk through Madison Square Park that has, in my most humble opinion, the GREATEST DOG RUN IN THE WOOOORLD.  These dogs are the dogs that dog dreams are made of.  They’re HUGE (I think partly because they live in multi-million dollar converted lofts in the Flatiron District and have lots of space to drink their milk and grow big and strong).  They also make the beginning and end of my work day a bazillion multi-million times better.  Did I mention I LOVE DOGS?  Cause I do.

You can probably imagine, then, why it takes seriously awful/dangerous weather conditions (like drizzling!) for me to take the 7 to the 6 instead of a one-stop shop on the R/W (with dogs!).  While I was thoroughly displeased as I hopped onto 7 this morning, the corrected “If you see something, say something” poster hanging in my subway car made the trip downright pleasant.  Thanks, unruly tweens.  You’re awesome.  Except when you’re not…awesome.