kimball calls this a man in the moon.

Breakfast. My Old House, Indiana

If I ever open a restaurant, “man in the moon” aka “egg in a basket” aka “rocky mountain toast” aka “I don’t care what your family calls it because it’s gonna be delicious under any name” will be on our breakfast menu from day one and a huge reason we’re able to fast-track it to warm, friendly, neighborhood joint in no time.   We’ll also offer a special called “apt 4s” that includes coffee, half a baguette, butter, and bonne maman jam for $3.50 and my hard-working/rag-tag/hyper-hilarious staff will be the reason I’m 100% genuine when I say I love what I do.
I love what I do.

coffee quitter.

coffee quitter

Yesterday, I made the potentially dangerous move to not drink any coffee [for a week].
Am I scared? YES.
Am I crazy? Probably.
Am I tired?  . . . what? No, I’m totally awake.  I was just resting my eyes.
Right now I’m trying to remember why I decided this was a good idea.  I think it had something to do with leaving work early last Friday because I got soo dizzy and nauseous after downing 3 cups of black coffee on an empty stomach that I couldn’t function.  I know.  I know.  It was a fluke!  It could have been anything!  Don’t blame the coffee!  Seriously though, while I LOVE coffee and this totally goes against my only add things to my diet/routine that make me happy instead of depriving myself of the things I love philosophy, drinking 3-4 cups of strong black coffee every day cannot be the healthiest way to live my life.  So wish me luck.  Or send tea.  Yeah, that’s probably a much better idea.
Send lots and lots and lots of tea.

a little warning, please.

I was in the kitchen at work this morning shaking a carton of soy milk before adding it to a bowl of cereal (Trader Joe’s Pomegranate and Blueberry Flakes and Clusters!), but before I knew what was happening the cap had popped off and suddenly I was shaking an open carton of soy milk and totally helpless as it exploded all over the cabinets, the counter, the sink, the floor, my face, and my hair...e..x..p..l..o..d..i..n..g….s..o..y….m..i..l..k….e..v..e..r..y..w..h..e..r..e...

1st thought:
Ewww. (I also said this aloud)

2nd thought:
Thank god no one saw that.

3rd thought:
If cereal is my boyfriend, I think it’s time for “the talk.”  You know, the one about how he should probably give me some sort of warning before he’s about to blow his load all over my law firm’s kitchen cabinets.

Thanks, babe.

cereal is my boyfriend.

strawberry yogurt o'sspecial k with red berriescookie crispfrosted shredded mini wheatkixraisin bran crunchcap'n crunchlifego lean crunch

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. New York, NY

Strawberry Yogurt O’s . Special K with Red Berries . Cookie Crisp
Frosted Mini Wheats . Kix . Raisin Bran Crunch
Cap’n Crunch . Life . Go Lean Crunch

Stop judging. I love cereal and cereal loves me.  It’s totally different when it’s just the two of us – so filling and sweet and exciting and comfortable and affordable and gooood. We’re happy together and we don’t care who knows it.

I carry your heart in my heart to heart, cereal.

where in the world is carmen sandiego?

in it to win it
She’s Probably Moving. New York, NY

Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  So many things have happened in the past few days!  I guess if I had to put together a what in the world has Amy been up to Top 5 List, it would probably look like this:

5.  hung out with my sister who flew in from London
4.  found a [fantastic, fun, clean, considerate, honest, gainfully employed] roommate
3.  updated my address . . . a lot
2.  tried Locanda Verde’s outrageously awesome breakfast
1.  picked up the keys to my new apartment

Though there’s still absurd amount of things I need to pack / figure out / do between now and the big move, I feel pretty great that I’ve gotten a few of the major ones out of the way.  Also, [shameless plug] if you live in New York and want to buy a GIANT couch, credenza, set of floor lamps, or a TV, just let me know before October 1st.  Okay, now I really must get back to work ie obsessing over my upcoming move while attempting to read the entire internet . . .