rhymes with ho.

Good Times. New York, NY

I never went to my senior prom.  I think I was too busy making just above minimum wage in the children’s literature department of an unnamed giant corporate bookstore or taking an obscene amount of time to choose a movie at Hollywood Video or road tripping through Midwestern suburbia to visit random cooljews.  Either way, I don’t really feel like I made THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE, but I have met several individuals long since I peaced the hell out of John Adams who have felt otherwise. G.OE.A.G.L.E.S..!
I’m inclined to think, however, that tonight’s culinary adventure might appease these winners (ie people who peaked in high school) because much like senior prom it will also include:
1. ..faux-comradery with people I will never see again
2. ..disappointment due to massive over-hype
3. ..the near impossibility of ever happening again
4. ..non-stop complaining about the cost
5. ..waking up day of with at least 1 unmanageable pimple
Well, this morning I woke up with 5, so don’t be too jealous that tonight I’m going