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PERFUMES: the A-Z guide. What I’m Reading, Right Now

I normally take a predisposed disliking to those 1001 bags bags bags boxy bullshit bargain books that clutter the fashion and design sections of most bookstores, but this one looked so classy and kind and clean perched on its McNally Jackson homeshelf that I couldn’t help but give it a chance.  Thank goodness I did because, as it turns out, Perfumes: the A-Z guide is frank and funny and fantastic and has become my new twenty four seven three sixty five excessively obsessed till all my brains explode obsession.  Turin and Sanchez rate every perfume they featured in the book on a scale of 1 star (avoid) to 5 stars (masterpiece) and their reviews make terrific use of a truly inspired roladex of metaphors and similes.  Here’s one of my current favorites:
Diamonds (Armani): 1 star raspberry vanilla $
When I was four and had a fever, I was prescribed a fruit-flavored liquid antibiotic, of which I had to swallow several tablespoons at a time. It took four adults to restrain me and force it into my mouth while I screamed. It tasted a lot like this. TS