vol 64.

hey there!

i hope y’all don’t mind if i still call this baby a thurs list even though some good ole busy busy life thangs got in the way of it coming out on a thurs thurs. ok great. glad that’s no biggie. none of you noticed? ah even better. cause there’s cool stuff i wanna tell ya about! lookee here:

1.  vvv thankful for aslebow‘s baller monthly spotify playlists. needed one-uh these real bad.
2.  prince was a lovely duh, but a double decker egyptian coffee bus? now we’re talking.
3.  been anti-cruise since reading this dfw essay in 2010, but idk. maybe iz different now?
4.  is it weird that i forget this was a movie and these are not a bunch of my former classmates?
5.  if the yo! store is any indication how ace their monthly sundaze collective is, count me innn.
6.  ummm uhhh the 30th annual doggie dash is happening sat 5.13 and i’m wildly unprepared.
7.  discovered atix hotel in la paz yesterday and now the gtfo day dreaming is up to 11. le sigh.
8.  home stager is an actual profession for which i have actual jealousy. jezus copeland & co.
9.  holy freaking moly nomad.pdx’s new digs look stunning. again tho. 20 courses? ouchie.
10.  been about about ms. loom since vol 14 so was def excited to see kate’s feelin’ the same.
11.  s/o to all my kooky antiquers (ohey!). i see london i see france sun 5.7 in oaks park. get it.
12.  aww my boy josh is ft. in these hilarious tweets about classic lit. big nerd pride right here.
13.  lincoln is closing for good on sat 3.18 and reincarnating as an israeli joint. well okay then!
14.  got domestic travel on lock & now my int’l wanderlust is lit. i can has paris? ya? cool. ty.
15.  “you can decide what you want to say you believe, but you have to believe whatever you believe.” – neil farber

double deckers & classic go-getters.