vol 14.

long week? ugh. i know. me too. let’s get to the good stuff:

1.  today’s the last day of house of common’s online sale. like, 50-70% off big. i’m sry wha?
2.  lackluster twitter problems? maybe try following @whoopi_pics. literally just whoopi pics.
3.  will joseph cook and his lovely little song beach is getting me to tomorrow. *deep breaths*
4.  hunting for a rug and found frances loom. holy vintage moly! new gems every thurs.
5.  didn’t think i was an rv gal, but man does the mehrzeller look cool. let’s get outta dodge!
6.  anyone wanna throw a disco themed party? need more shimmer and sparkle in my life rn.
7.  what, pray tell, is a salmon estuary tour? idk but down for a guided coos bay kayaking tour!
8.  found out grassa is replacing pastini pastaria on nw 23rd. what’s italian for upgraaaade?
9.  uses this is a favorite blog and they recently interviewed a favorite lady. fuck yea sarah brin!
10.  “in the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.” – jeanette winterson

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