vol 63.

hi hi hello.

got a hunch many ppl are feeling super swamped and/or scattered, waiting patiently for that bright light at the end of the tunnel. i’m no life coach wizard woman, but i sure as hell can conjure up a little list to inspire some lighter headspaces. ya? sound good? ok kiddos. take a load off. grab a blanket. pet a doge. there’s good stuff here:

1.  it’s been a long week, so i’m just, like, vvv relieved my eye cream made the cut, ya know?
2.  i cannot believe what got the no. 1 spot. there’s just no way. no way! but no. 2 & 3. daaang.
3.  fleetwood posted a seven wonders outtake last week so obvs i’ve repeat-1’d it 4eva since.
4.  do u sit around and wonder wtf you should do with your life? ya me 2. this helped a little.
5.  finished this year’s finder and updated my pdx to do list + yelp bmarks. pooped / pumped.
6.  to be honest, i’ve expressed similar feels for several yrs. i’m sure it really was amazing tho!
7.  indigo girls are performing thurs 3.16 and – shut up – i’m excited. no shame in my game.
8.  iconic lady folk not your thing? how about some sohn on mon 4.10 instead? ya? better?
9.  why yes, mercury, i will be drinking all throughout march. thanks 4 asking. i appreciate u.
10.  david clue’d me into form arcosanti. v pro, but worried it’s a bizzaro universe in the future.
11.  suzanne somers’ palm springs pad is for sale. a real moment in time if u kno what i mean.
12.  really digging the hey girl hey vibe of chloe’s tue 3.28 boss ladies fb invite. get it girl.
13.  wait wait omg what the ahhh has anyone ever seen anything as crazy as this big a$$ bird?
14.  speaking of birds … a fun feathered fact! 2 ducks got married in new hampshire on thurs.
15.  “when you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. that’s what this storm’s all about.” – haruki murakami

indigo days and fleetwood nights.


  1. i love it! got it as a sample in a sephora bday promo box and have already gone back once and asked to redeem the same promo box (aaaaalmost ready to drop real $$$ for the full size). def recommend. my dark circles and bags have mostly gone away.

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