vol 62.

hello lovelies.

things are weird af right now but imma go out on a limb and say that’s ok because (1) things are also cool and cozy and beautiful and nice just depends on the things ya know? (2) they sorta have to be or else what’s the point of aaaaaanything oh ma gah nm. yikes. okay maybe back to my first point. how about a bunch of [non-weird] cool cozy beautiful nice things to get us to tomorrow. ya? ok can do:

1.  the staves are performing at wonder sat 2.18 aka this f-ing gorgeous i’m on fire cover live.
2.  closing of new american makes way for doner kebabs c/o a buhloved la joint. that’ll play.
3.  the before / after on this ridiculously cool boathouse is crazy. houseboats, man. i told ya!
4.  you, same drugs’ peter pan themes, and this four-step routine make loving chance fun.
5.  if you’re free free free thurs 2.23, mr. lebow says electric guest at wonder is the place 2 b.
6.  having major ’04-’08 flashbacks playing w/ this girl talk-y mashup generator. thx sethhhhhh.
7.  i’m prepared for this to flail miserably, but cool a$$ airport thingie alert if it ends up working!
8.  never owned calvins (aren’t they uncomfy?), but this slideshow is really selling ’em. daaang.
9.  u know who ♥’s a good old fashioned local drag show? everyone. everyone ♥’s a goflds.
10.  launa just told me about the pip’s secret menu. wha? u knew and didn’t say anything? wtf.
11.  if nokia is bringing back l’3310, can motorola get its shiz together & restock l’startac? srsly.
12.  this got me feeling better, but also suuuper curious what 3 things could be bugging kottke.
13.  last week i dug 4 spotify playlist gold. this week they posted these. og creative right herrr.
14.  i’m no puppy person (i like ’em < mushy), but jeezus. i can’t with these floofertons. bawling.
15.  “nothing in this world is permanent, and we’re foolish when we ask anything to last, but surely we’re still more foolish not to take delight in it while we have it.” — w. somerset maugham

hugs & same same same drugs.