vol 61.

hi beautiful ppl.

gah. this f*cking week. blurrrr. idk about you, but i’m spending my whole weekend self-starting a new. you’re obviously welcome to join (more self-starters equal more fun) or just get right to the soothing with summa these:

1.  vvv into spotify user playlist treasure hunting rn. struck yoga teacher gold this week. booya!
2.  jump jack sound machine, where have you been all my life? or at least every 2nd sat of it …
3.  put on van morrison’s sweet thing this am and found my mid-winter blues melting away.
4.  these two ain’t lying calling their bazaar a customer fav. imma customer & it’s def a maje fav.
5.  i know technically this means i’m the worst, but i love shit like this. you have to forgive me.
6.  goddamn all of these reasons are so freaking good. too many gp’s to choose from here.
7.  “we were really the only people in each other’s lives” – mcginley never not giving me l’feels.
8.  umm when is this getting installed in the gym? just checking cause i wanna clear my cal.
9.  pdx is the no. 5 coziest city in america and approx 1x cozier than rochester (apparently).
10.  man i would wear the shiz outta this boobs tits tee if i had the balls ya know what i mean?
11.  thank u bai jesus shalom y’all is open again, this time in a home of it’s own. plus desserts!
12.  guilty of the 1st one (esp to seth) & now i’m self conscious about it. jk can’t stop won’t stop.
13.  güero has a brick & mortar which hopefully means sweet a$$ tortas are in my nr future.
14.  old, but w/e it’s 100% adorbs joy. also, a+ comments. also, can i hold a squirmy one pls?
15.  “i was sand, i was snow – written on, rewritten, smoothed over.” – margaret atwood

boob tees & baby panda pls.