vol 60.


man-o-man long time no see! it’s been 2 weeks since we last thurs-listed and imma take a wild guess that we should just skip the bs small talk and get right into it instead. yea? ok yes! outstanding:

1.  ten meter tower is my acute fear of high dives memorialized on film. holy f*cking moly.
2.  pinback is playing mon 2.6 and now i’m listening to penelope for the first time since 2001.
3.  we the people opens tonight at w+k & i honestly can’t freaking wait. gonna be a goodie.
4.  oh oh oh aaaand the 2nd annual pdx winter light festival goes through sat. what a world!
5.  weirdly obsessed w/ the fashion vid syn·chro·nic·i·ty. wanna hang w/ candy-sandy real bad.
6.  ’09-’10 were the best years 2 b young and chill and listening to music. glad we can all agree.
7.  oh dear lord yes to this forever and ever. like sarah says, “at least we still have ice cream.”
8.  re: this round-up of shows … can i just get an amen for home movies? i can? ok good ty.
9.  wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait what? if this is an april fools joke so help me …
10.  alton brown is da friggin best y’all so imma mark “eat your science” on sun 3.26 as a duh.
11.  i spent most of ’04 listening to baby it’s you & leave (get out) so consider my 2.15 booked.
12.  today i yelled “emergency cookie!” & erika immediately handed me a samoa. i’m not worthy.
13.  sometimes all it takes are a couple omigod / omigod’s to remember how the goodtimes roll.
14.  making me nostalgic for naomi campbell jaywalking around nyc. not a goddamn thing like it.
15.  “we either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. the amount of work is the same.” – carlos castaneda

peace, love, and fleetwood mac.