vol 59.

hi my lovelies!

before we get into it, just want to let you know that thurs list and i will be on vacay for the rest of january. i somehow convinced my pto-fearing boyfriend to take two weeks off of work to drive from sf to la (down the coast! the long way!) and we leave on saturday. i will *obviously* miss you all *very much*. no no no pls don’t be sad. i promise to bring back those little shampoos you love! see? it’s gonna be fine. everything’s gonna be fine. okay. until then … how about a little of this, that, and some of these:

1.  losing it listening to tronicbox remixes. beiber-perry-grande turned up to 80. no duh. gnarly!
2.  bit house has an upstairs called boiler lounge that hosts intimate house parties. yowza.
3.  holy effing moly. 20 courses with davenportfukami mon 1.16? how does that even work?
4.  justine’s recs for the win for the win for the win. road trip long read: ambition interviews.
5.  can anyone vouch 4 omsi after dark? missing dark science on wed 1.25, but vvv intrigued.
6.  enjoying this magnetic fields-trips so much i almost don’t care if 69 valentines is any good.
7.  4 years later, and i’m still thinking about christine’s answer. amen amen amen amen amen.
8.  guyz, great news → fried chicken for him & iconic fried kale for me. trill modern romance.
9.  here’s actual footage of me and you and everyone we know during snowmageddon 2017.
10.  i feel like it’s important to note that john cleese is coming to portland wed 3.15. end of feel.
11.  someone completed my life’s work for me & now i’m unsure what to do w/ all this free time.
12.  ooof. the new yorker really giving my ppls the ole one two punch on this little ditty. ouchie.
13.  never have i ever been 2 sonic. is it really that good? confused what could possibly beat dq.
14.  g-damn phillip k. smith iii’s 1/4 mile arc looks like it was flipping gorgeous. pls come back.
15.  “you’ve been brave so long … you just gotta go on being brave.” – margaret mitchell

69 basset hounds running in slow motion.