vol 58.


this week was fah-reezing. all of my limbs are fah-rozen. beyond that, there’s not much else to say except that i’m happy to confirm there’s still a helluva a lot of cool ass shit going on and everyone should go out and get theirs:

1.  fyi matt has been hosting you hate movies for years. brb while i finally “get into” podcasts.
2.  52 places to go in 2017 is out and pdx is no. 49! we beat budapest! everything’s okay now!
3.  been thinking about this scene for – honestly – no good reason. oyyy. whyyy. send halp.
4.  sandy hut’s owners are taking over the alibi and they promised to keep it wacky. whew.
5.  confession: kathy griffin is my guilty youtube k-hole jam and i’m suuuper excited for jan 26.
6.  tonight is 1st thurs. writing it down b/c i keep forgetting. oh, & a really cool thingie at wk.
7.  no amount of liquor could warm me up enough to attend this. literally just a temp issue rn.
8.  q: do you enjoy laughing so hard you cry a lil? me too. might i recco this blooper reel then.
9.  h/t emily for tips on a dude who photoshops himself into kendall jenner’s insta. i luff him.
10.  there’s been *talk* of adding crossfit into le sweat routine. chris says intrepid is solid. t/f?
11.  thx to my fsa, i’m now the proud momma to a pair of thick warby’s in toffee fade. nerd alert!
12.  just wanna make sure everyone is aware of this doggie. you see it? ok good. just checking.
13.  lolz re: gateway show fri 1.6. can also vouch for high poker (esp when you’ve never played).
14.  aware this only enhances the alert in #11, but coffee science stuffs at omsi this wknd guyz!
15.  “you just have to grow up and try and be worth it.” — neil gaiman

peace, love, & pratfalls.