vol 65.

hi beautiful ppl.

got a sneaky feeling the good vibes are coming back again. por ejemplo, did you lol a lot today? cause i lol’d a lot today! not tryin to jinx anything so i’ll just leave it at that. plus, who cares about good vibes when a list awaits. got your go-to gold right here:

1.  joy the baker oatmeal to-go for desk breakfast since ’08. about about that routine lyfe.
2.  you bring the floaties and chips and seltzer and sunscreen, i’ll bring the panama banana.
3.  grimm is having a clusterfuck of an estate sale 3.11 to 3.19 & it’s gonna be uhhmazing.
4.  new fleet foxes 6.16. {psst spotify} update that indie rock road trip playlist maybe?
5.  love-hate running-runners literally-figuratively so obviously loving-hating this vm rn.
6.  spitz is open & imma need to try the street cart fries to ermm make sure no poison stuffs.
7.  stars, they’re just like us until u see one clapping and u realize she might not know how.
8.  speaking of stars, play hooky with me fri 7.28 to see halley’s comet in seattle. yspls & ty.
9.  v. tempted to take advantage of adrift’s flash sale. best avail room & it’s so close 2 marsh’s!
10.  i vm appreciate the cut’s spring trend cheat sheet. always down 4 an olive drab lewk btw.
11.  do yourself a fav and read the captions in sean macpherson’s style profile. 1% lolz.
12.  this has been happening behind me all week. if you’d like me to stop staring, i can’t. sorry.
13.  why aren’t more ppl talking about the fact the wayback is open till midnight now? anyone?
14.  listen to nussbaum. see american bitch + one man’s trash. prep 4 that ’13 nostalgia tho.
15.  “they forgot everything the minute they were together again.” – emily brontë

peace, love, and banana hammocks.