vol 34.

hello. hi. hi.

i held off on sending this yesterday because it didn’t feel right and – being a stubborn as fuck feels all the feels feeler – i listen carefully to that sort of thing. okay. so it’s not yesterday anymore. i think that’s fine. maybe even more than fine. yes. i’m gonna go with that. good riddance yesterday. leaving this list right here in case you’d like some good feels in your inbox. take only as needed:

1.  i love these women. i love these men. yes yes & yes. these are my humans. much love, wk.
2.  i could listen to losin control and lsd forever and ever inhale exhale namaste amen amen.
3.  if neither of those are ur jams, i suggest u try pma’s best songs of 2016 (so far) for an alt.
4.  been craving hat yai’s fried chicken since last dec and last night i finally saw what’s what.
5.  can’t think of anything sweeter than seeing west side story in 70mm on fri, sat, sun 7.17.
6.  to the brain behind the name zigzagzurich: uhhh can we haaang? drink iced chai’s and chill?
7.  count me and my eavesdropping voyeuristic tendencies in for dwell home tours on sat 8.27.
8.  if moulin rouge sing-a-long equals solid friday night plans 4 u, consider us behst frehnds.
9.  s/o to the goth float on the clackmas fb invite. lol bonus pts for the cover photo & spf 100.
10.  what’s on tap sat 7.23? oh, just a fight club screening + q&a w/ chuck palahniuk. nbd.
11.  still waiting for someone to curate a legit 1st thurs guide. as for july … idk blackfish maybe?
12.  really enjoying oliver’s volte-face, famous places photographed from the wrong direction.
13.  been a min since my last diy / hack. might be time to give wit & delight’s runner a go go.
14.  who am i kidding … breakfast is wayyyy more realistic (i don’t even have stairs in my apt).
15.  my desire to up and visit the jennings hotel in joseph has officially reached absurd status.
16.  “as i watched the seagulls, i thought: that’s the road to take; find the absolute rhythm and follow it with absolute trust.” – nikos kazantzakis

lists, love, and lsd.