vol 33.

geez louise.

what day is it? wed? thurs? sun? no idea. genuine surprise every time i check my phone. i tell ya, this whole week before a long holiday weekend time space continuum is a beeeeeast. let’s just hope my phone is right and it’s thurs or else uhh sorry? actually, no. strike that. not sorry. pls enjoy this timeless slice of knowledge goodness:

1.  yea i binge watch apple trailers. what? brings me gems like buddymoon and flula okay.
2.  it’s summer which means editors are working hard to ensure yololiving your best life.
3.  obsessed with the idea that anything could be released exclusively at dollar general. heh.
4.  nursing a theory that urban development is the new climate change (formerly what we eat).
5.  spotted a dude wearing this. googled it. found it. bought it. what an incredible time 2 b alive.
6.  unless your thingie involves 100’s of joyful joyful corgis, i’m unavail on sat 7.30 and sat 8.20.
7.  shocked toad the wet sprocket + rusted root gen. admin tickets are $38. das bold toads.
8.  boy bye by super professional is giving me so much hope n’ happiness n’ hootenanny rn.
9.  aww new seasons & ww are hosting a block party in slabtown on wed 7.13. uhhhdorable.
10.  oh, design milk. you had me at combo master, lounger, rooftop garden top floor oasis.
11.  löyly helsinki looks like a dream, but i’m pretty positive löyly portland is just as divine.
12.  can two people love each other for a long, long time? sarah says, “gosh, i hope so.”
13.  and here i thought jumping off the high dive was f-ing terrifying … happy 4th of july, g. star!
14.  per request (and cause i secretly love christmas in july), these are a few of my fav things.
15.  “like the way the sun is right now, with the long shadows, and that kind of bright, soft light you get when the sun isn’t quite setting? that’s the light that makes everything better, everything prettier, and today, everything just seemed to be in that light.” – john green

peace, love, and ample natural light.