vol 32.

hello there!

well. we did the damn thing. again. it’s been a slightly meh idk everyone’s on vacay week, but the overall undervibe seems to suggest cool big shape shifty things are on the horizon. if y’all have any leads, hit me. i hate surprises. speaking of giving everyone total fair warning forever and always …

1.  brooke barker strikes again! tyyyy anna beth for the bb hot tip. also, omg ab your cat.
2.  spotify’s put some funky stuff on my weekly, but i’m suddenly feelin’ sleepers’ reign. lift off!
3.  been years since i updated mine, but w/ a name like super awesome video screensaver
4.  “teen boy waits patiently as his prom date recreates entirety of beyonce’s formation” – hyfr
5.  umm why isn’t everyone talking about the festival of balloons this wknd? fun & dangerous!
6.  major summer party sat 6.25 in cathedral park. 2 my nyc refugees, go. st. johns is red hook.
7.  and then (no and then!) sun 6.26 is a frances may sample sale. read: 75-90% off this ditty.
8.  oh, to be young n’ free n’ have a license n’ get your head stuck in a barney for 45min. kids!
9.  pine st. is a ux nightmare (update eat / pay flow 2 be like foodlife plz). dat green falafel tho.
10.  the mercury released a jeff goldblum issue! whoever actualized my thoughts / prayers, ty.
11.  full sun tomorrow (and for the next 10 days). i’d recco tan-ebrating at century or bible club.
12.  adarchives is making me v. nostalgic for the stussylevi’s, and benetton i never owned.
13.  an adorbs ebay admin is out to stack the 6pm ab fab at regal stadium on fri 7.22. get. it.
14.  if u know who makes this star spangled low plunge, plz reveal yourself. 2 me. eod. asap.
15.  “i daydream on the idea that maybe all this barbarism and all these transgressions against ourselves is an equal and opposite reaction to something better happening in this world, some great swelling wave of openness and wakefulness out here.” – frank ocean

loving undervibes,