vol 31.

hi hi.

thurs list went awol last week because i was in nyc for a wacky work shoot and swamped with some crazy (good-grueling / exciting-exhausting) priority to-do’s. i got back on monday am and *huge surprise* have been commuting via struggle bus ever since. oh yea? you too? weirdddd. pretty sure we just need to drink more water or get a good night’s sleep or have someone whisper sweet internet nothings into our ears while we get a good night’s sleep. the last one? np:

1.  if u haven’t seen zootopia, stop drop n’ go. read btw the lines. it’s trill social commentary.
2.  wait. imessage is changing? is this the part where we’re too old and don’t “get it” anymore?
3.  some eavesdrop. others draw cartoons on cocktail napkins. team early & waiting at the bar.
4.  one of these two things is almost exactly like the other. how much kitsch is too much kitsch?
5.  backlight slide on sat 6.18 is sold out / might be a bust due to rain, but dayum it looks rad af.
6.  picnics are overrated, but movies in the park are def not. thurs 7.7. n. park blocks. woo me.
7.  pugs is the pdx underground grad school which makes pugsfest a very misleading fb invite.
8.  i know i know magazines are dead, but these indies are so pretty. can we get one? plzzzzz?
9.  cult korean beauty products would be killer ref images for a high brow horror mood board.
10.  paul simon released a new album and nobody called me? the phone goes both ways, paul.
11.  here’s a bfd: pdx outdoor pools opened on tue! might i recommend a classic pairing?
12.  tix for tacos n’ tequila on sat 6.18 are sold out, but it’s portland so just show up n’ be nice.
13.  after you’re full up on tacos / tequila, see the liberators at 7:30pm. no drunk heckling tho.
14.  jo roy’s tribute to fry’s hatred of dancing has led me down a vsq k-hole. plz send help.
15.  “true success is figuring out your life and career so you never have to be around jerks.” – john waters

g’night in the morning.