vol 30.


hey hey hey.

y’all know my feels re: the short work week after a long weekend so maybe we leave the groggy grimey wtf plz make it stop bits behind and just tell each other something nice. yea? you’re into that? well then fuck man. how about a whole bunch of somethings nice:

1.  k stew doesn’t usually do it for me, but those gold hoops & that smokey jam … damn.
2.  eeesh willamette week is really dr. jekyll and mr. hyde-ing over pine st. market. ww r u ok?
3.  looking 4 quality wknd lolz? hit up set list at the bridgetown comedy fest. thurs, fri, and sat.
4.  there’s an exact replica of the max in chicago you can actually sit down and eat in. zoinks!
5.  celebrating tusk’s opening later this month by putting the best track on 24/7 repeat one.
6.  “i want to wear a hat without anyone commenting on the hat.” – ajrudy droppin’ major truths.
7.  you’ll need to get me preeeetty drunk to tag along, but once i’m there … i’ll never be sorry.
8.  q: have you ever heard of a better name for a pizza place than please louise? a: noooooooo.
9.  someone plz test this slushie drank recipe and report back asap. asking for many friendz.
10.  the holy moly-est dog days of summer are officially set. blessed be sun 6.12 and sat 8.20.
11.  the blissfully slow world of internet newsletters is why i decided to give tinyletter a shot.
12.  surprised joe’s cellar didn’t make eater’s round-up of iconic pdx greasy spoons. no good?
13.  the woodsman tavern now serves lunch on weekdays. oh jes kiddos. the italian is back!
14.  love that this article on asking for a raise assumes the boss is a woman. [awkward pause]
15.  “you were always perfect and i was only practice.” – chance the rapper

corgi days & oaxacan nights.