vol 9.

you’re busy. i’m busy. it’s freaking busy. let’s get right to the good stuff:

1.  ever heard of structube furniture? saw on the artful desperado. looks affordable and nice!
2.  in case anyone wants to fall down an internet hole, here’s the most viral tumblrs of 2015.
3.  yo, nordstrom’s does price matching! jessica lo got them to sell her hunters for $79.99.
4.  move over, kraft cheese singles. there’s a new kid in town. man, japan is the best at foods.
5.  a nihilist charlie brown blog named may contain peanuts is my grace rn. also, i feel you.
6.  there will be a thai fried chicken joint across the street from podnah’s. end scene.
7.  can someone help me rock a weightless gold trinket skinny chambray femme look? thx.
8.  thoughts on pdx’s famous vegan bbq cart? heard they gots a brick n’ mortar in sw now.
9.  very ’bout it xmas party at produce row on fri 12.11 is looking like a must go aka u must go.
10.  “the world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.” – ernest hemingway