vol 35.

yo. yo!

i don’t know what just happened, but in a sudden turn of still-at-work events, i’m now writing this and drinking a frozen marg out of a disposable paper cup and eating free-to-me microwave nachos. before things get reeeeeeal wild, imma stop questioning whatever beautiful coincidence brought this snack into my life and just press send b/c those are called blessings baby, get you some:

1.  jess said i had to say something ’bout pokémon go (or umm else?). ok fine. here u go.
2.  srsly trying to move to se so duh i re-followed apt therapy. ooo look → a flea in eugene!
3.  yo. anybody hit up the mister green party at machus? were the pyt’s really lookin’ this fly?
4.  remember #4 hunnymilk? well, they’re swell. hosting a stealth burger night on tue 8.2 too.
5.  mad self-aware props 2 celine dion 4 rocking a chic oversized af titanic hoodie. mhwgo.
6.  if you stop by my desk and i’m not watching this a+ video on repeat, something is vvv wrong.
7.  heading to 112° desert for a vip 30th. leaned in & powell’d a pool read. now watch me dip.
8.  oh shit. weekly rooftop cinema at hotel deluxe started! hairspray on thurs 8.18, anyone?
9.  plus the (annual?) weird plants sale at the portland nursery this wknd. buy low sell high : )
10.  prob fulla tween-somethings, but gotta admit – champagne safari is a räd day party theme.
11.  tam closed in april b/c of flooding, so sat 7.16’s wonton party is, like, a really big deal ok?
12.  then again, canadian monks just released 600 lbs of live lobster into the ocean. ♥︎ is ♥︎ y’all.
13.  reeeally into this welcome to night vale taping on thurs 7.21. guh. love a good ghost story!
14.  if “champagne dunk tank” is what i think it is, consider me tré sad to miss bit house’s b-day.
15.  thx 2 ww’s pro / tips, now following @pdxalerts and wondering which color gloves to get.
16.  “love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.” – shakespeare

peace and tortilla chips.