vol 20.

ok. so it’s not thurs anymore. i know. but thurs fucking sucked (especially for feelers – big feeler over here) so i went with my feels and didn’t send this on a thurs thurs. that said, i subscribe to the belief that bear hugs and loud laughs and randomly texting the people you love and remembering there’s a world beyond our desks that’s full of ridiculously beautiful shit is some of the best medicine. so, without futher adieu, here’s a fresh “thurs list” from me to you:

1.  apple launched @applesupport and the replies section (aka HALP ME) is way too real.
2.  a pop up spa where rabbits hop around to provide a “calming atmosphere”. what a world!
3.  the hairy lobster just opened on nw 11th & kearny. betting the bread & butter is where it’s at.
4.  these sculptural senior portraits are giving me liiife. eyes as big as plates. what a name!
5.  ever used live lovely to find an apt? heather morba got me into it. looks super promising.
6.  got word ’bout these great playlists from able’s amazing newsletter. keep the vibe alive.
7.  there’s a profesh wanderlust amongst us. ms. arrazcaeta got the solo travel sector on lock.
8.  the promo for ellen paige’s viceland documentary series gaycation gives me chills. ohlawd.
9.  the oregonian’s 2016 cheap eats list is out and my sweet tooth and wallet are vvv pleased.
10.  dang, london’s the place to be this year. you’ll find me at the artist residence hotel. oh my!
11.  my weather obsession hasn’t waned, so obvs i’m loving sunshine. notifications on pointtttt.
12.  the hiking boot ratings in this 6 hikes to celebrate spring post are just gosh darn adorable.
13.  “there are times when it will go so wrong that you will barely be alive, and times when you realize that being barely alive, on your own terms, is better than living a bloated half-life on someone else’s terms.” – jeanette winterson

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