vol 21.

thurs list is back after a week-long haitus (oh heyyyyy crazy town mon, tue, wed, thurs, fri … how u?). this list thang turned 21 today so, like, have a bougie cocktail in its honor. or just have one in general. have one cause it’s sunny. yea! cause it’s f-ing sunny. cheeeeeeers! (we can too have it all):

1.  djds’ remix of rihanna’s “work” is absolutely perfect. would’t change a goddamn thing.
2.  after a year of searching, finally scored a mcm low boy dresser from the reclaimory.
3.  told carly about #2 and she got me hooked on this a+ etsy shop for more dresser dreamin’.
4.  2 savory, sweet, and deliciously whimsical courses plus a bev for $20? hello, hunnymilk!
5.  tegan & sara are releasing a new album in june. not even embarrassed how excited i am.
6.  such a foodie crush on maya lovelace. y’all as my witness, i will one day snag a seat at mae.
7.  danica showed me this delightful game called stack and now i can’t stop thinking about it.
8.  oOo look! an easy breezy cool ass chica tip on how to messily half roll your jeans. yussss!
9.  i know güd people who neeeeeeed a coffee table book on the last authentic ny pizzerias.
10.  dame is opening in the old cocette space (nr. beast) and i have feels it’s gonna be great.
11.  the great discontent is my fav blog to cool ppl watch. the fuzzco post didn’t disappoint.
12.  totally loving beginning improv with nicholas kessler. highly highly highly recommend.
13.  sun 3.20 is the last portland flea at their og unionpine location. imma def be there. u?
14.  “you live and learn. at any rate, you live.” – douglas adams