vol 19.

oh man, what a ridiculously beautiful day to share ridiculously beautiful things tucked away on the internet. sun’s out, bun’s out so let’s just get right to it:

1.  feb fake out got me dreaming ’bout ocean-side movie screenings and a deluxe inn + spa.
2.  blogspot gives me heebie-jeebies, but i’m loving this deconstructed sushi roll. duhlishuss.
3.  oh, to be as trill as piper the wildlife control airport dog. big ups danica borgese for the fyiiiii.
4.  happy national chocolate-covered nut, chili, and clam chowder day. choose yo party wisely.
5.  currently jamming to this baller #tbt girl power playlist. that’ll do, spotify intern. that’ll do.
6.  first is the worst, second is the best so, like, shut it down and go to brewstillery2 on sat 2.27.
7.  uninspired? friend kate digilio. ask her about lunch boxes or lissie or adele’s vogue shoot.
8.  feb doesn’t usually have 29 days. eat some vvv tasty russian food to wash the weird away.
9.  grace is opening for st. lucia on fri 3.4 at wonder ballroom. a must see. def da place to be.
10.  this show will either be laaame or 2006 bbc planet earth amazing. that m. freeman vo tho.
11.  thx to pro tipper morba, here’s a superb guide to pdx dining month. legit spots up in there.
12.  “it is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” – oscar wilde