vol 18.

confession: i dread the short work week after a long weekend. everything’s all crazed and crammy from the get go and i end up feeling 1-2 wonky steps behind all dang week. dare i say it but … cheers to the regular size weekend and regular size work week with which we’re about to be blessed. i. can’t. wait. well, i guess can. until then:

1.  kachka teamed up with new deal distillery and answered my prayers. na zdorovie, y’all!
2.  man o man i love james turrell. if roden crater is anything like meeting, count me so in.
3.  willow is opening on 3.1 in the old fenrir space ft. $29 tasting menus all month. heyoooo.
4.  round ’em up: best breakfast? check. rad ramen? check. top tea? check. check. check.
5.  saw this video on buzzfeed and fell down a serious youtube k-hole. thisthis, aaaand this.
6.  i doubt i could commit to these verbal changes, but (and?) i bet the payoff would be sweet.
7.  whatever you’re doing on sat 2.27, cancel. we’re gonna need you at the betsy & iya bazaar.
8.  i ♥ oatmeal and have an unmanageable chocolate problemo so this is v appealing to me.
9.  speaking of things i love, 3.12-3.13 is a coffee beer, donuts, & coffee festival. *mind blown*
10.  nasa is giving away baller space posters for free. hallo studio? it’s me. i was wondering …
11.  cdx is moving so everything just went from vvv pricey to vvv discount-y. go forth, shop girls.
12.  brb while i dream about ignant’s top 5 parisian bakeries. du pain et des idées for du win!
13.  “the most expensive part of building is the mistakes.” – ken follett