vol 17.


TGI freaking thurs. as my fav soulcycle instructor used to say, “let’s dooooo the damn thing … {42ish min later} … damn thing been dooooone!” oh, also … important update: y’all are marvelous. not sure if you were aware so, like, fyi and stuff. you’re the best. the best! ok. needed to get that off my chest. feeling much better now. moving on:

1.  odds david would adopt this giant rabbit for us to hold when we’re stressed? #wkbunnies
2.  willamette week just released 28 reasons to love pdx. wassup 4, 9, 14, 20, and 26. i see u.
3.  keeping mad tabs on bar casa vale’s opening. think “smoked foods” means local lox? yspls.
4.  i’m sry, did u say the portland of portugal? omg nytimes. why are u so obsessed with us?
5.  heard yeasayer is releasing an album 4.1 so obvs been waxing 2010 o.n.e. nostalgic since.
6.  ooo pastaworks is baaaaack! i bet my landlord refers to me as her “centerpiece tenant” too.
7.  double tapping all of gravity blog while i save for structube’s reno table. hellooo tax return.
8.  in big ♥ with woonwinkle so vvv intrigued by the minoux trunk show they’re hosting today.
9.  anyone ever been to dance yourself clean at holocene? i so badly want it to be awesome.
10.  josé gonzáles is performing at arlene schnitzer on 3.7. remember heartbeats? *sighhhhh*
11.  wondering if the cheese & crack snack shop would ever make this beauty a little boozy …
12.  thanks to this case, i’ve never lost my key card and rarely carry a purse. liberate yo self.
13.  “one must write wonderful things, make discoveries, and see to it that wonderful things happen to you. that is life. the rest is rubbish.” – boris pasternak