vol 143.

yes! hi!

short weeks, man. turns out even when you’re not working in a “job” they still leave you a little bit off. a monday-less week always makes me feel rushed or just with, like, a vague sense i’ve missed something. you too? just me? either way, finger’s crossed it’s actually thursday:

1.  not me recommending a&f jean shorts that fit just right over mom hips and thighs (w/ room!).
2.  my neighborhood obsession w/ irvington rages on: enormous yard sale sat 6.1, 9am-2pm.
3.  oh, the restaurant concepts i’ve dreamed up for 1425 nw glisan. someone buy this firehouse!
4.  just found out taffy’s new book comes out in july. pls dear lord let book club choose this one! 
5.  this “slightly deranged fabric patterns” insta is so unsoothing it loops back to being soothing.
6.  where my midwesterners at? frozen custard update! they better not be stingy w/ the toppings.
7.  more treats: we went to cloud city on sun. best ice cream you’ll ever find in a shopping center.
8.  loved pairing a sepinwall reading w/ every sopranos ep. finally, homework i actually like.
9.  a wild home on the irv home tour. 5 beds up, each w/ an ensuite. outside yes, inside ooh noo.
10.  def thought i was the lone mom shopping used kids clothes on poshmark. next up, kidizen!
11.  ahh, chess club‘s next pop-up is at bardo sun 6.2: slow living, global mags, ambient jams.
12.  while pregnant, my 3rd place = bernstein’s (all i ate). cried when sam met my bagel friends.
13.  always liked our bedside lamps, but these / recs make me wonder if it’s time for new ones…
14.  “i remember how you did speeches. i saw you do a lot of them at awards shows and stuff, and invariably you would scratch two or three thoughts on a sheet of paper and put it in your pocket, and then not really refer to it. and consequently, a lot of your speeches didn’t make sense. [but] it didn’t matter that it didn’t make sense, because the feeling was real. the feeling was real. the feeling was real. i can’t say that enough.” – david chase, eulogy for james gandolfini

ensuite bagel friends.