vol 142.


every 2 years or so i get the urge to fully re-organize all the crap stored downstairs in our unfinished basement and oh my gawd on monday did the urge hit hard. 72hrs of sifting n’ sorting later, i’m finally coming up for fresh air. no shiny before / after photos, just a little thing that makes my heart sing, for me. big love to my fellow cuckoos:

1.  ordering sit tite‘s rigaton’ for the sopranos finale. started this in sept, ends tonite. no spoilers!!
2.  that xtreme storage makeover is thx to these shelves + bins & a situationship w/ my labeler.
3.  rec’d a root membership to a pal wanting a treat like soho house but with, like, less soho.
4.  bath mat’s discontinued so browsed tekla 4 a new one. “accidentally” buy a $$$ robe instead?
5.  speaking of $$$ (how gauche!): capital one 4.25% savings. saw 5% here, but caps at $100k.
6.  xoxofest reg open until wed 5.29. v excited 4 the indie media circus — kottke & garbage day!
7.  used this stainless steel scrubber last oct at my mom’s. completely revived her toaster oven.
8.  caro put together a grilling guide! now i just gotta convince seth to grill up a ceasar salad…
9.  “wine bar and bottle shop in a garage off belmont. bring a friend or make a friend.” – company
10.  also wanna check out their sister space collector bar, reno’d by my old friends taylorsmith!
11.  snagged a studio mcgee lamp 4 the study. small-ish, but punches above its weight class.
12.  my fellow nyc / la transplants: sole 2 sole is closest i’ve found to cheap beauty in this town.
13.  as one of the few folks to actually see fall guy in theaters, proud to confirm it was a delight.
14.  tony: “sil, break it down for ’em. what two businesses have been recession-proof since time immemorial?” silvio: “certain aspects of show business and our thing.” – the sopranos

bring a friend or make a friend.