vol 141.


i’m stoked for the weekend to get started — my mom’s flying into town later today and we’re gonna get into some trouble (which, for us, obviously, is the irvington home tour). this one goes out to my spring/summer 2024 homies breaking a sweat getting the guest room duvet into the duvet cover:

1.  proud 2 announce i replaced our grill’s corroded / broken / parts (even burners!) all by myself.
2.  “global mags, art objects, mineral waters” — whoo chess club! next pop-up industry one 5.29.
3.  very impressed by tj’s chunky spicy guacamole. tasted a lot like sue’s famous guac recipe!
4.  book club almost chose nightbitch for june. got sold in the room tho, so might read it anyway?
5.  caitlin & i love providore‘s chilled spaghetti squash salad. a perfect summer lunch we say.
6.  everything bagel galette from tea bar in nw and spotting 2 mallards wading in tanner springs.
7.  the swimply fun continues: going back fri to the pool we booked last sat (mvp 2 sam’s floatie).
8.  sam was tagged by little lark wearing their “rainbow dress” that she demands 3-4x a week.
9.  s/o to mandala. i arrived w/ flames on the side of my face & lindsey literally knocked me out.
10.  was wearing my “i love art” hat & got asked “who’s your fav artist?” hm! shoulda said james.
11.  less impressive than the grill but: i also assembled a water table for the kid. been a big hit. 
12.  ain’t none of us got privacy anymore but true people search really puts a gloss on it. grim.
13.  part of my spring cleaning routine is replacing our doormats b/c it makes it all feel fresh af.
14.  “everybody asks me how she’s doing. has she really lost her… everybody asks me how she’s doing since she went away. i said i couldn’t tell you i’m okay, i’m okay, i’m okay, how are you?” – dave matthews band, with whom i’ve been rekindling an affair because life is cyclical and it might be time to feel like an emotional overachieving high schooler again. 

flames on the side.