vol 140.


there’s busy weeks, and then there’s busy weeks. my birthday on monday, seth’s yesterday, (mother’s day this weekend). and for what? older? sure. wiser? only time will tell. either way, we’re def reelin’ in the years:

1.  after coveting these 2 (went pending in mere hrs), determined to hit the irv home tour 5.19.
2.  can’t wait for lavender lounge to open up for the season. swimply pools are the real deal.
3.  speaking of outdoor blessings, just upgraded my hose, hose holder, and nozzle. little wins.
4.  see u at the st. john’s bizarre (sic) 5.11? xo weirdo pdx things with something for everyone.
5.  helped a friend rethink her bedroom & was reminded how fab homies lumbar pillows are.
6.  seth made pb cookies from a toddler cookbook recipe that makes 40. sooo 2 wks worth?
7.  we’ll be at moda for postal service & death cab 5.15, see you there fellow elder millennials!
8.  open studios 6.1 + 6.2: rumor is there’s a model train thing + powell’s sale next door too.
9.  a friend got some masayaco outdoor furniture & boy did it lure me down a browsing hole.
10.  i think i love this 16pc puzzle c/o grasshopper as much as sam. djeco stuff is sooo nice!
11.  this “did you know?” got me wide-eyed and thinking about all the things we gotta ™ now.
12.  a dusen dusen oven mitt is 40% off. an angel gets its wings. their whole line is perfection.
13.  kate said her dream interior is dragonfly inn, but i was thinking the coffeeshop. not far off!
14.  “how had she become one of those people who wears yoga pants all day? she used to make fun of those people. with their happiness maps and their gratitude journals and their bags made out of recycled tire treads. but now it seems possible that the truth about getting older is that there are fewer and fewer things to make fun of until finally there is nothing you are sure you will never be.” – jenny offill, dept. of speculation

little weirdo wins.