vol 139.

hi friends!

week’s been cute so far. went by in a flash, but i’m not mad about it. i like a bit of flash sometimes! for example:

1.  must b on a derelict mall art show kick cause i saw mall rats’ flyer & was like hell yea let’s go.
2.  sam’s latest daycare cold had me blowing my nose off. this magic cream saved my schnoz.
3.  love everything near n. russell, esp beam & anchor. u been to the upstairs meditation space?
4.  wild that 52 doesn’t mention this gorge (albeit expensive) blomus waste bin is also soft close.
5.  confession: seth and i are big fans of crafty wonderland. gonna see what sam thinks sat 5.4!
6.  “when u jump into the pool, ur jumping into the sky.” – le sirenuse‘s def on le bucket list now.
7.  makes me v happy mother tongue is still pumping out issues. lovely to have, lovely to hold.
8.  a fun game: asking eater pdx’s private facebook group for incredibly specific dining reccos.
9.  can’t stop thinking about these slim brown teva’s i got served on insta last month. go for it?
10.  s/o to cutting edge y’all. needed 2 custom shelves to finish my pantry re-org. $30 in <2hrs.
11.  taylorsmith did a house in our ‘hood once. felt like spotting a celebrity. be a trip to hire them.
12.  i do declare: my fav shmancy latte is a tie btw never‘s midnight oil and prince‘s stroop latte.
13.  this mustard backsplash c/o mercury mosaics. my god. haven’t felt that since i found klh.
14.  “even in a basement light, free speech lipstick in the moonlight.” – cat power

celebrity soft close.