vol 138.

yes. yes! hi!

nothing quite like a spontaneous walk with a wonderful friend in a neighborhood you haven’t strolled before to make you feel some kind of invincible. wowee. to more of that:

1.  a dangerous discovery: milk glass mrkt‘s granola, the perfect ratio of salty & sweet (like me!).
2.  ooo all of sudden there’s two art shows i wanna see: will’s today and raul’s till the end of may.
3.  we don’t really have a laundry room, but 10/10 this clothesline makes me feel like i kinda do.
4.  had the loveliest friend date at montelupo in ne last week. still dreaming about that bucatini.
5.  wish mattel had thought of easy scrabble when seth and i started dating. i never won once :/
6.  was especially tickled by the footnote in these recs that “cup of jo” got hers in late. lol rude.
7.  cheating on my lagree studio w/ another lagree studio. peak underemployment? who’s to say!
8.  very intrigued that (a) mine didn’t make the cut and (b) best overall is also a drugstore buy…
9.  impulse bought this beach ball that’s bigger than sam. look, she likes it boinged off her head.
10.  finished rob’s finale. had 2 go back 2 the song exploder ep that made seth & me cry in the car.
11.  every time i water my plants i think to myself how much i love this combo can. little things!
12.  lost my mind for 48hrs & completely reorganized our tiny pantry using only clearspace bins.
13.  there’s a zillion versions of this recipe out there, but my matzo crack bible will always be sk.
14.  “i know who i want to take me home. take me home.” – semisonic

peak tiny pantry.