vol 137.

hey, hello!

muuuuuch better week so far i think. maybe it’s the bird songs. or the dogwood blooms. or… idk. maybe sometimes life’s just a bitch and then you keep living. anyway, here’s to not sweating the small stuff:

1.  i love this gal for many reasons, but a new one is sharing taylor st w/ me. those cookies!
2.  the best sleep comes after reading a physical book in bed. sloane’s latest is no exception.
3.  got a pair of motivas & invincible 3s so i can do longer house-ogling walks. it’s workingggg.
4.  between the merc’s say nice things & ww’s taster, pdx’s free weeklies are on a hot streak.
5.  don’t mind me, just having an aggro wint o green life saver renaissance. your girl is fresh.
6.  caitlin blew my mind serving a sorbu salad the other day. she said the sandos r incredible too!
7.  the mint green in “function of colour in factories, schools & hospitals” takes me to a place.
8.  love cortados but they’re 2 small so guilder told me to order a half caff 8oz quad latte. genius.
9.  trust me: get the high-end $$$ olive oil. “best all around”? best all around my pasta more like.
10.  i investigated & the same ppl who own this kenton gem own this fixer. v invested in the reno!
11.  tina & amy live show highlight: amy reminding us that the breaking in this sketch is heaven.
12.  what’s a thing you think you hate but are wrong about? for me: onion rings, thx to ringside.
13.  wait, the aerial tram reopened to the public last year?! i had no idea! we gotta take sam!
14.  “doesn’t every child think of their mother as a sort of lunatic? don’t we often hear: my mother is a lunatic, a madwoman? that doesn’t preclude love. i myself am a mother. am i crazy? i don’t know… in the end, i think motherhood makes you obscene.” – marguerite duras

high-end reasons.