vol 136.

yes, hi!

hope everyone’s having a weird week! personally, i’d like to cash in on a 180° and focus on things i can control and that make me feel good and smart. or, you know, as my toddler would say, “imma do dis”:

1.  never not in the mood for bernstein’s garden delight + za’atar (and lox if i’m feeling wealthy).
2.  landmass only produces stunners so v excited for endless season’s release party sun 4.14.
3.  downside: house had a stink(??). upside: i get to open all the windows and use this a+ spray.
4.  still mourning the disappearance of whole foods’ granola bar. may her memory be a blessing.
5.  s/o to seth for hacking sam to eat literally anything as long as it’s cut into one of her shapes.
6.  our place night & day glasses are a real dream to hold. is the rest of their stuff this nice??
7.  songs u can test your left/right headphones to like such great heights & one trick pony. mmm.
8.  hot take on a cold one: p’s & q’s makes pdx’s best chicken salad sando. prove me wrong!
9.  if you’re looking for a reno to follow, highly recco watching mattie‘s craftsman kitchen unfold.
10.  piedmont station and bottles & cans are still the kid-friendliest food cart pods in town. bless.
11.  not shocked the a to my q “why is the mcdonald’s frozen coke so good?” is “syrup ratio.”
12.  saw serena styled in my tennies via a photographer i love and was like holy shit i nailed it.
13.  despite caps creeping into my personal life, thurs list house style will always be lowercase.
14.  when i’m frazzled, i like to come back to this. (tip: “shower” is a satisfying task to cross off.)
15.  “pardon me while i burst into flames.” – incubus, lyrics infinitely looping in my subconscious while on hold with a state government entity that shall not be named…

frazzled granola bar stunners.