vol 135.


we didn’t go anywhere or do anything particularly interesting for pdx spring break. and, you know what, it was great. 10/10, would buy from again. here’s to more of them good ol’ sunny days and dispositions:

1.  worked from providore‘s wine room this week. in awe how perf & versatile that whole store is.
2.  had these dish + hand soap bottles since my nyc days & idk they just make me really happy.
3.  so what if i insisted on a breakup song as the last dance at my wedding? timeless banger.
4.  related: we had alexandria‘s ceramics on our registry. she’s still fab, hosting a workshop sat.
5.  ooooo river cabaan is super discounted midweek this month and avail memorial day wknd.
6.  lots of summer dates open at our beloved sauvie staycation spot too. everyone go chill ok?
7.  pro tip: shower w/ music on. i’ve got two of these guys: one for home & one for outta home.
8.  smoke out confessional from sit tite has taken the early lead to be my fav cocktail of 2024.
9.  daylio really helped me out of a major funk last year. the no frills journal part was def the star.
10.  fell down a luxury portland redfin rabbit hole after a friend texted me this. ended up here.
11.  these handmade rugs are so fun and lovely. also feel familiar. kinda remind me of a kindah?
12.  no mudroom, no problem. schoolhouse coat hook and yamazaki shoe rack fix you up right.
13.  finally found a match to this amazing neon orangey red i chose off a pedi rack months ago.
14.  “c’mon and blow it a kiss now, but quick ’cause it’s changing in the big sky, it’s changing in the big sky now, we’re looking at the big sky.” – kate bush

super discounted midweek chill.