vol 134.

yes! hi!

i finally saw birds in the acrylic feeder i purchased “for sam” and when i tell you i don’t think i’ve whipped my smartphone out that fast in memory, i am not exaggerating. they saw me futzing and flew away, but i could tell they were impressed. some other things that made my heart flutter:

1.  the quiet, stylish, work from here no purchase necessary no q’s asked-ness of the kex lobby.
2.  if u see me with a large bag of this spicy, seasoned popcorn pls don’t ask for some. spoken 4.
3.  despite living in literal niketown, i rarely buy new shoes so when i do i really try to get it right.
4.  went with best overall and my fav mascara no longer smudges under my eyebrow. finally!
5.  might be the sopranos watch, but pinning lots of “transitional, but with an italian influence” rn.
6.  was driving around nw & 2004 nw irving had me stopping traffic staring. now that’s a façade.
7.  u know it’s gonna b a good read when sue, aka mom, snail mails the bon appétit pdx feature.
8.  11yo amy is hella excited for this, & 37yo amy will keep her tradition of bailing pre-iceberg.
9.  i’m sry but the only flavor of this cult yogi electrolyte powder i will ever fuck with is grape.
10.  honestly, not sure what’s more shocking: that this is a new build or that it’s in indianapolis.
11.  s/o to my therapist for an unnecessarily excellent sock rec. i’m rocking a rose roll top fyi.
12.  seth makes this smoothie 4 sam, but i’m about it too: frozen mango, kale, banana, oat milk.
13.  umm this is genius. has everyone been doing this and just, like, keeping it to themselves??
14.  “that’s a pair of them docks, mooring out two separate lochs. ain’t that some kind of quandry.” – bon iver

unnecessarily excellent iceberg right ahead.