vol 133.

hey there!

the sun was here! and now. it’s gone. going to give just, like, an enormous eye roll to that nonsense. no links for you, fake spring! these are for my real ones:

1.  the chiro said i was injury prone b/c i drink maybe 1 glass of water a day. ok i’m listening
2.  i’m back on my dry brushing bullshit btw. best part is how tingly hot showers feel right after!
3.  diy salad dressing: olive oil, aardvark, & nutritional yeast. sounds gross but it’s delish i swear.
4.  i know the market is weird rn, but still. how is heidi caillier‘s washington cabin still for sale??
5.  i’m def about to piss some folks off, but w/e: springle jangle is better than jingle jangle.
6.  it’s official, i’ve swapped out all my lulu aligns for nike zenvy leggings. end of a friggin era.
7.  binged lib s6 and just bewildered by their constant “it’s giving…” and “not me…” gen z-isms.
8.  shout out to my acupuncturist who tipped me off to bardo, this legit tea shop in ne. wowza.
9.  gah! ty june for the gripper pad rec! been meaning to fix my breakfast nook rug foreverrrrr.
10.  mesmerized by adam’s small scale pen plotted artworks. reminds me of my fav rollerball.
11.  i took a chance on this bougie hand soap sight unseen and ooowee blessings, baby.
12.  as a dillon t pickle stan, i for one am thrilled they‘re opening a bar on n mississippi today.
13.  toddler hack: for ~6mo, blasting emily i’m sorry was the only way to calm sam down in the car.
14.  “you said you wanted to feel alive, so we went to the beach. you were born in july ’95 in a deadly heat. you say you’re a winter bitch, but summer’s in your blood. you can’t help but become the sun.” – boygenius

not me giving rare exceptions.