vol 132.

well hi!

thank you for all the sweet notes and pings btw. it really feels special getting to connect with you folks via this silly email project of mine, something i’ve missed dearly the past few years. y’all really make this weird earth life a lot less weird! ok, without further ado, some fresh new links for ya:

1.  to entertain sam on sat we hopped on the 72 bus & it lead to the loveliest cookbook shop.
2.  treated myself to a midweek lunch and ooooo lawd bluto’s on belmont is something else.
3.  yea, back-2-back pod recs is a bold move, but wtf let’s gooo: 60 songs that explain the 90s.
4.  ideal fri night couch film is either 90s noir thriller or straight up apocalyptic. dtf either way :)
5.  wait, monkey game didn’t make the cut? you’ll be hearing from my toddler in the comments!
6.  icymi the reigning king of otc cold meds is still aleve-d 12hr cold & sinus. carry on, sickos.
7.  kottke‘s been back for a year & he’s nailing the return. never would have known about xoxo!
8.  yrs ago a friend asked me for a no-show sneaker socks rec and i finally have a response.
9.  super stoked the good food awards is opening its tasting event to the public. i’m so down.
10.  also down 4 seth to bake us crackly brownies. s/o to fair & reasonable divisions of labor.
11.  in other carb news, sebastiano’s moved to sellwood and no saint is doing daytime service!
12.  really hoping this bird feeder provides the endless childcare entertainment it promised.
13.  in a biiiiiig music rut. current solve: asking the barista for a link when i’m feeling the tunes.
14.  “not to put too fine a point on it, say i’m the only bee in your bonnet. make a little birdhouse in your soul.” – john flansburgh & john linnell

crackly 90s noir brownies.