vol 131.


ok yes, let’s rip this band aid — i was laid off at the end of feb. awwwwww. hey, don’t worry about me — i’m doin’ ok. anyway, now that i’ve got a nice chunk of time on my hands i’d like to do a thurs list pop-up for the month (or however long it goes before i land gainful employment). also, pls note: it’s been 3 years since my last list so excuse the cobwebs. danke schoen:

1.  about to pull the trigger on these pants thx 2 a nice, chic af mom at our palm springs resort.
2.  tried mamma khouriis a few weeks ago & holy hummus batman. what took me so long??
3.  signs i’m too old & married & millennial: what i can’t live without is better than sex diaries.
4.  ngl wait, should i not be drinking airplane coffee was a truly riveting podcast ep. chills.
5.  not sure why 90s alt rock is my underemployed / between jobs safe place, but here we are.
6.  chocolate quadratinis but frozen, as recco’d by someone in hayley’s snacks comments.
7.  been on a 4 year body wash hunt and finally calling it: olay cleansing & firming all day baby.
8.  one of my fav internet moms wrote a cookbook and i’m so excited. wish we were friends.
9.  this same mom also +’d up my wardrobe w/ a perfect (pre layoffs…) pullover. very good rec.
10.  end of the world-y girly: station 11last of usthe dreamersleave the world behind. yas fin!
11.  prob gonna take my ass to deep lake for a treat later this week / weekend. will report back…
12.  speaking of treats, chocolate cadbury mini eggs come in royal dark?!?! a king among kings.
13.  more signs i’m too old & married & millennial: tix 2 these guys but also hoping it ends early?
14.  it’s a toss up where you’ll find me — prince coffee on nw 19th or electrica on nw nicolai.
15.  “in the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.” – jeanette winterson

cadbury mini millennial chic.