vol 144.


after a week-long hiatus, the list is back! s/o to my toddler’s daycare for the unexpected break. got taken down, hard, by a terrible horrible no good very bad summer sickness. the flu? in this weather? rude. anyway, i’m back [mostly] and brought y’all some treats from my time away:

1.  who knew that the “i want to be literally swept off my feet” wasn’t just a me thing? one of us!
2.  never occurred 2 me that my entry doormat could be something special. okay, heymat. go off.
3.  september is a long time to wait, but i’ll take it, jamie xx. i’ll take it. get me outta this music rut!
4.  stopped counting the # of times this rotating flat plug has come in handy. she’s beauty, grace.
5.  did urdaneta w/ a bff & told the waiter 2 take us for a ride. treasure that drunk, delicious night.
6.  i’m a graf lantz coaster / trivet junkie. you’ll find them in pretty much every corner of my home.
7.  stupid pleased with my new wallet, c/o the woolly made guys at the nw marine open studios.
8.  silver lining to finishing the sopranos? open timeslot. first up: twisty spy drama slow horses.
9.  been staring at our copy of beautiful world for yrs. maybe i wait for intermezzo & do a two-fer…
10.  speaking of books, it’s pdx book week! how toddler-friendly do we think a rare book fair is?
11.  ferguson on nw 18th: seeing so many top knobs, kohler, & delta irl was like spotting celebs.
12.  been wanting to recco this a+ sandalwood toilet spray 4ever & it’s finally not sold out. run!
13.  weird that sam’s couch is significantly more comfortable than our adult couch, but it’s true.
14.  “my house is old, my house is new, my house looks like an ugly stew.” – come with us: children speak for themselves

significantly something.