vol 110.

howdy friends!

there’s a decent view of the street from our dining room and i’ve spent much of this indoor year looking out that window and clocking whenever a doggo walks by. the other day i was in there having lunch and looked up from my gut-friendly lettuce wrap (desperately trying to mix it up) and noticed a big ole chalk drawing at the end of our driveway. not just some basic neighborhood hopscotch graffiti, like, a full-ass chalk mural: hearts and peace signs and butterflies, all surrounding one word, “JUSTIS.” near the bottom, the middle school vandals included a drawing of a pair of roller skates and tagged their piece “the roller girls.” there were no other murals on our block, not in front of our next-door neighbors or across the street. it was hard not to feel special to have been selected, a random act of heartfelt ephemera just for seth and me. i took out my phone to take a photo, and saw all the way on the next block two girls in roller skates busy at work on their next masterpiece. i put my phone away instead, and went back inside. it’s a pretty great world out there sometimes:

1.  took a year to discover it’s v easy to get a rapid test in pdx. here’s 2 the day this info’s moot.
2.  i’m a real mug elitist (esp handle feel) & lemme tell u covet & ginger ticks every dang box.
3.  already est. billie is endlessly impressive to me so i’ll gladly accept cool vids of her anytime.
4.  linds & i just got these cute wrist weights to power walk our blues away. ooof 1lb’s no joke.
5.  more things like noah’s “interestingness of a photograph as it relates to time” in my feed pls.
6.  still thinking about these 3 diy petting zoo goats living their best lives a few blocks from us.
7.  confession: this immediately transports me to the hills circa 2006. unwritten was such a bop!!
8.  wait a min there’s a plant-based grain bowl juice cafe in kenton now? nopo movin’ on up y’all.
9.  here’s how we’re escaping now: seth’s geoguessr-ing & i’m full slow tv. brb sailing 2 grenada.
10.  kai sent me down a future of work spiral & now my brain’s twisted up but i wanna read it all.
11.  new 2021 vision board candidates: cool af lisa, saucy debby, & a lil hedgie doing his lil best.
12.  le pigeon x jupiter next is truly one of the classiest pandemmy pivots out there rn. ends 4/3!
13.  “they let us into the life of a creative mind in quarantine, but they asked to share one caveat: ‘obsessing over what it did to me specifically almost inexcusably leaves out my constant awareness of the damage to my community, the arts in general, to say nothing of the half a million dead americans,’ wrote the composer nico muhly. ‘this whole thing is very bad.'” – 75 artists on how they spent a year in lockdown

slow nopo goat tv.