vol 111.

good day to you honeys!

yesterday i put out all our lawn furniture and outdoor cushions and uncovered the picnic table and put out the umbrella and deep-cleaned every inch of our grill — all in an attempt to bribe the sun to stick around for the rest of the weekend. i think it’s working? trying not to jinx it tho:

1.  finally hit up honey bagel! they were sold outta chopped chocolate so i went poppy. a+.
2.  seth says i can’t steal his matzah anymore or he’ll run outta sandos. q: we only got 1 box?!
3.  “sam the eagle is the only hot republican. i will not be taking questions.” – vulture is the best
4.  rooting 4 ruby b/c i too have an unrelenting sweet tooth & appreciate fab product design.
5.  percy‘s a big boi now, but i like to remember him as pyt, a pair of ears surveying the lands.
6.  daaaaang taylorsmith how the hell you gonna make us believe this a basement? prove it.
7.  y’all tried república yet? i wanna go — now that we’re half vaxx’d, feels like i’m halfway there
8.  woo! it’s almost taurus szn! gonna try and channel bone bone‘s big birthday energy this year.
9.  idk how i got on strategist uk, but i can tell u this: we own a lot of imported status choco now.
10.  the aerial tree walk at the just reno’d leach botanical garden! love me some aerial things!
11.  rach, queen of the playlists, is truly keeping me going w/ this 90s/00s summer mixtape.
12.  re: 90s/00s goodness — hands on a hardbody (’97) & last days of disco (’98). both so great.
13.  prob our most pandemmy habit: ordering weekly fresh baked bread from a sweet insta lady.
14.  “still, it is the house on meadow lane that may be the designer’s most passionately austere creation. it stands as a subtle rebuke to contemporary excess and gaudiness, etched like salt spray on the sparse landscape: silent, transparent, elemental.” – in south hampton, a beach house not like the others, t: the nytimes style magazine

half vaxx’d & sorta relaxed.