vol 109.

hallo people!

here’s a quarantine story. i’ve been having trouble making decisions, even small ones. so seth and i developed a solution: as soon as i get stuck, he grabs a small object like a quarter or a balled-up post-it and brings it behind his back, moving it from hand to hand and telling me which of the two options the object represents. he then brings his two fists from behind his back and i of course randomly pick one. either the quarter or an empty hand. fate decides. big fan of this game. lemme know if you ever want to play:

1.  watched the billie eilish doc knowing nothing. it was a gift tho maybe too many tarantulas?? 
2.  yes, ok, hamilton, though put me down as partial to lafayette + his partner’s ad house tour.
3.  not 2 turn this into a gumba fanboi account, but this just in: their drinks are killer & they party.
4.  naturally i do not watch this show, so i assume it’s always this perfect. *bale nods w/ me
5.  u go chef anthony! expand those unicorn food truck wings! fly into the brick & mortar skies!
6.  it’s been 6 million years since i left the house & now i’m writing this outside so, yes, i agree.
7.  thong song story briefly got me waxing nostalgic for an amazing period of truly terrible music.
8.  coulda used this down pillow round-up last time i tried to upgrade ours. world’s worst google.
9.  pining 4 a floating deck since day 1 so my “just b/c” pistils appt is making seth v nervous.
10.  wknd plans: figure out how to stream moonstruck and, oh right, adjust the microwave clock.
11.  a recent visit w/ my in-laws reignited my ♡ 4 werther’s that’s truer than anything i’ve known.
12.  pugh got me considering a switch 2 yorkshire gold. brits pls confirm if this is the right move.
13.  “despite how legends want to be seen, this is probably how we most want to see them. as living proof that a life of ups and downs and hard work and too much work ends with you rich as fuck, sitting next to a violin-shaped pool with the family you’ve created to supplant the one you had to endure.” – allison p. davis’ stellar mariah carey profile

floating deck fanboi account.