vol 108.

ok yay!

mood check: i’m definitely feeling the positive side effects of some verified sunshine on my little punim. maybe that’s why all these jazzy corridor playlists are doing it for me (see #6)? whatever, man. i’ll take it. *joyfully throws soft boomerang into an open field*:

1.  early march reminder that inflatable pools go quick & old ones rip. semper paratus honeys!
2.  pls pls pls can someone make sure jane lynch is def avail for the revival? tyvm in advance.
3.  almost quoted this mushroom one, but then didn’t because a tweet is uniquely its own thing.
4.  now that haley sold me on classy coups, v excited to get adventurous w/ my cocktails to-go.
5.  ed note: i feel bad when i accidentally hype sold out shit. may i interest u in a peace offering?
6.  when the reigning monthly playlist champ rec’s a monthly playlist u kno it’s gotta be good shit.
7.  “an [e-commerce] platform of discovery for a lifestyle that is different.” – undisclosed, fun!
8.  went with sw alabaster due to $$ & i’ll always regret not doing the trim. at least it’s popular!
9.  s/o to my mom 4 this perfect grinder slash gateway drug to a stellar whole bean subscription.
10.  real talk: nothing better than being absolutely riveted by a spooky nyc apt tiktok thread.
11.  ♡ that big night is #4 on this list & gets an illustration. ugh what a heartbreakingly hot cast.
12.  adored sylvan esso’s live concert series so much & now it’s free! with love 3.5 at 6pm pst.
13.  what would have had to go different in my life to now be making a living as an audio-maker?
14.  look, being the only 1 in our house who “likes zoos” is a challenge we’re working through.
15.  why yes, sure. $700 lipstick crystal pillbox is def one word for what that might be used for.
16.  “the purpose of a meeting is not to fill the allocated slot on the google calendar invite. the purpose is to communicate an idea and the emotions that go with it…” – seth godin, toward a zoom agreement

with spooky monthly love.