vol 107.

hello honeys!

i mean … should we get into it? rip the band-aid? put a bigger one on? i’m not here to judge. life hits different every day, man. whatever the mood, however you soothe:

1.  let it never be forgotten that my personal queen of trl, blessed be she, was insanely talented.
2.  florence pugh + tzatziki was delightful pre-pandemmy and the combo continues 2 b delightful.
3.  wait this was actually accidentally prophetic. oy. daft punk were really doing genius shit huh.
4.  sometimes, at the end of the day, all u need is a beautifully tailored site of v good film recs.
5.  pls add bit house collective to the list of things i’m day dreaming about us exploring “after.”
6.  a fav lil detail about lebow’s playlist is that it’s “to be played from top to bottom.” i live 4 rules.
7.  maybe it’s b/c i recently started meditating, but these asmr rooms are really doing it for me.
8.  angela (of pistol shrimps fame!) got her family phone installed and it’s quite a satisfying vibe.
9.  great hat. been missing ’08-’15 nyc. i can’t believe i’ve lived here ~ as long as i lived there.
10.  1.5 sunny days in a row & now someone can’t stop buying patio accessories. whatup feb.
11.  i’m becoming more & more confident i could eat a pickle w/o using my hands or eyes. you?
12.  considering the loads of ugly overpriced pnw crap 4 sale, this gem took my g-d breath away.
13.  just a rumor, but i think gumba‘s gorgeous wed-only fried chicken sando might get a spinoff
14.  came to the “the trip” movies 4 the travel/escape. stayed 4 the michael caine impressions.
15.  “sometimes there’s nothing better on earth than someone asking you a question.” – lisa taddeo, three women

gorgeous rules & satisfying q’s.