vol 106.

ok, wow.

so, the last one of these i sent was forever ago — almost a year. but lately i’ve surprised myself thinking about how much i miss sending them. there’s the connection with all of you and the thrill of discovery and just, like, getting to share something fun and sweet and unexpected during a time that just, isn’t. so i figured, why tf not. viva la sea:

1.  just watched pistol shrimps & now i have a freakish desire to learn a sport for a rec league.
2.  in one fell text, kate has given me wings 2 finally tackle a personal aesthetic glow-up journey.
3.  bless garbage day for making me feel a little less old as sh*t on the internet. i can hang now!
4.  if mariah’s v-day remix isn’t on a weird jury-rigged ig stereo repeat, pls pause & get it 2gether.
5.  re: sweet and unexpected, there’s an underground bakery in portland. speakeasy scone bb.
6.  look, i know this is just a published david yurman press release, but idk i waaaaaaaant one.
7.  speaking of big rich ppl energy, h/t this sexy german bakery & the playlists they rode in on.
8.  an unsolicited takeout recco: malka‘s bellflower chaos salad with chicken in fish sauce glaze.
9.  this slack transcript had me in tears. smart ppl being funny together as a group? ♡ to see it!
10.  not tired of puzzles, but also put a qr code murder mystery into l’rotation so, um, send help.
11.  i love this video so dang much. i thought it might get old, but nope. just checked still slaps.
12.  controversh to plug pods so v sry in advance. seek treatment s1 is making me lol out loud.
13.  aesthetics wiki, but as a living coffee table book & cocktail i can curl up with this weekend.
14.  “not that i grew up all at once right then, but some things punch you in the face and you fly through the air and land somewhere completely different. you walk on from there.” – miranda july

speakeasy scone bb.