vol 105.

hi hi hi.

office hours were a hoot and had me googling so many wonderful things that i decided i’m holding them again this week. also, fake office hours are a fun, harmless, made-up thing to do and i’m all about that shit rn. see you tomorrow fri 4.24 from 1-2pm pst via le zoom (password: thurslist). until then, enjoy the hell outta anything you damn well please:

1.  it’s b/t broken social scene’s calm jams playlist & hamilton leithauser’s out of tune guitars.
2.  this google doc of games & puzzles you can play online is some diamond in the rough shit.
3.  i <3 tigerpup for many reasons, but bringing an arty vid of naps to my attn is def in the top 5.
4.  quick, before it closes, ogle this gorge house that sold in < 5 days during an effing plague.
5.  gym-in-place awards: sun service gold, sweatfest silver, lekfit + the class tied for bronze.
6.  isolation check-in had some bangers these past few weeks. robyn? the killers? why yes ty.
7.  welp, this super sincere celebrity seder had me all choked up by the end. thanks, idina.
8.  “not 1 surface in drake’s house is squishy. y do celebs always have the hardest couches?”
9.  ¿por qué no? is coming back! they even did a taco tue tech run to ease into it. v smart.
10.  not sure how i missed man repeller’s reading list, but i’m def making my way thru it now.
11.  kathryn hahn’s staging of glengarry glen ross with american girl dolls. standing o shit.
12.  t mag, i asked for bougie af candle recs weeks ago. guess i’m going in on an r2 order
13.  “the one in front did not come to stroll.” – my girl sam flexing her plush twitter vid zings.
14.  really feeling haley’s maybe baby rn. another tigerpup tip! newsletters, man. i just love ’em.
15.  filed under shit that speaks 2 me: ritualizing a turndown service, as if my home is a hotel.
16.  “escape is not a dirty word. none of us can face what’s happening head-on all of the time.” – sheldon kopp

sun turndown service.